Best asian country for dating

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Best asian country for dating

Links to some of my favourite Philippines posts: Some of my favourite Philippines photos: Slovenia was the very first country I fell deeply in love with — and it was only the second country I visited!

I arrived in Ljubljana, tired, sweaty and lost once again (for 18 months I stubbornly refused to carry a phone, resorting instead to hand-drawing indecipherable maps in my notepad).

I love Asia because it’s different to “home”, because it overwhelms my senses.I actually cut short my time in the country because I was drained from the constant hassle and aggravation, but I still managed to have some of my very best travel experiences while I was there.There was my first morning in Marrakech — and my absolute delight as I whispered over and over to myself taking a tour through the medina and realising that Marrakech was unlike any place I’d ever visited before.When I wanted to visit Sun Moon Lake but couldn’t find a way to get there, a girl I met, , took time off work just so that they could drive me there and show me around — and they insisted on paying for everything!When I was lost in Taichung and couldn’t find my hostel, a girl I met on the street took me to her apartment, Googled the hostel name, drew me a map and wrote out the characters in Mandarin so that I could take a taxi or bus if I couldn’t find my way.

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Beautiful moments like these occurred on a daily basis throughout my stay in Slovenia, and the longer I stay the more my love grows for this wonderful country.

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