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Craigslist tennessee dating

He takes no responsibility in his distructive behavior. His game is to make you feel valued and understood, showering you with affection and complements.His full-time job is trolling dating sites and craigslist for hook ups and his next potential victim while laying right next to you. She is a certified dog groomer, so please be careful if you see her and don’t let her take care of your dogs.He claims to be an empath and can cry on cue, but he actually lacks real feeling and has zero remorse for cheating and emptying your bank accounts. Doesn’t have a car or money but manages to persuade women to help him.

The phone records show near daily phone calls and sometimes as much as five times per day for TWO YEARS (that’s as far back as I requested records). A person close to the source said she has a history of sleeping with younger married men. Ebony Lurry has no shame whatsoever and is a true HOMEWRECKER.He’ll make you think you are the only one but in reality you are only one of 20.He will charm his way into your heart, your home, your bed, and your finances.No child deserves a mother who destroys homes, and has slept with more than 100 guys unprotected. It was the biggest mistake of my life, and could ruin my career if I test positive.My husband tells me he has been having an affair with an older woman.

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He confessed finally after I found a picture of her breasts and her vagina.

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