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Dating with depression

I'm sure there are tons more tips that I may have missed, so if you come up with anything PLEASE post it in the comment box below. Help from wherever possible could make a difference in someone's relationship, and someone's life.

People dealing with depression may believe they will never feel better and that nothing and no one can help them.

They love you for all your flaws, even if they may not love themselves that way.

Make sure you remind your significant other just how much you love, care and appreciate them for all that they are.

Depression is a mental illness that has a significant effect on a person’s ability to function normally, and is marked by persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, worthlessness, and hopelessness.

These feelings can continue for years if left untreated.

If you make me feel like a complete self-indulgent drag that's barely worth putting up with, my first move once I'm feeling up to it will be to dump your ass and find someone who knows I'm more than worthwhile.

Anyone suffering with a mental illness needs a good support system.Seeking help is the first step to conquer depression and begin feeling like yourself again.Free, national hotlines are available 24/7 for anyone who needs help managing their depression.Opening up to someone about all of this is hard, believe me.I have lost count of the amount of people (family, friends, boyfriends, etc.) that I've tried to push away over the years.

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In relationships, mental illness can make things difficult, especially for those who are unsure of how to react in those types of situations. Being someone who has suffered from both anxiety and depression for years, I know how hard it can be and how much of a strain it can put on a romantic relationship.