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Hakuouki shikon soukyuu online dating

He basically says that Chizuru tried to tell him the same thing about Hijikata earlier when they were together, but you see this sense of enlightenment and softness on Souji’s face as he talks about her.

But courtesy in return, Souji lets Kaoru know that his siscon plan of having Chizuru by his side failed miserably.NOW IF THAT DOESN’T TELL YOU WHAT KIND OF PERSON HEISUKE IS, THEN IDK WHAT DOES.…And this is when the tears flood out nonstop. Knowing that he’s used the last ounce of his fury strength, Heisuke says that he hoped he could be an asset in the end and basically it’s better for Saito to live on instead of him since he’s already dying, and Saito assures him that he did indeed help by saying it and hugging him before he crumbles to dust.The way Saito says Heisuke’s name one last time just shattered me.All characters are upper case, and there are no zeros (0) and ones (1) in the above image.Apparently bots aren't as good as humans at this game.

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As soon as Heisuke’s gone, a fury tries to kill Saito from behind, but before he can kill it himself, another sword ends the fury’s life.