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Knowing how much y'all enjoy topless scuba the good news is that she chose to wear nothing else more than a cute little 'Body Glove' bikini bottom too !This one's a really lovely video clip Guys - a full eight and a half minutes long ! This is a real nice video clip of a beautiful young "1970's Scuba Babe" wearing a classic Cressi Full Face Scuba Mask that so many of you seem to hold in high esteem.And here, at, is the only place that I know of where you can see this kind of scenario actually Underwater !So, for you serious Frogwomen fans, please sit back and enjoy this delectable young Aquawoman, wearing her 'all black' Viking military rubber drysuit and her Ocean Reef 'Raptor' FFM, in moving format !Tch Tch to the wardrobe department but, in all honesty, they actually do exceedingly well keeping all of our vintage swimwear and dive gear fully able to be actively worn and operational ! What an Amazing combination - A fantastic Cressi Fire neoprene one piece swimsuit and our Fitness Queen Mermaid Kiki. You plus all other fans of our totally Gorgeous and utterly Scubaliscious young Aquawomen.Add a little vintage single hose scuba gear and an oval mask and fins and . Over six minutes of pure Scuba fun in the company of one of the most wonderful, bubbly, beautiful young Mermaids in the world ! With an AMAZING number of votes recorded for the first part of the Stills Gallery we brought to you recently, we thought y'all might enjoy to see 'moving pictures' of this Most Mesmerising Mermaid, whilst she is still dressed in the same authentic vintage swimwear - and Underwater ! You could say it's a pairing made in Aquaphile heaven !It's always a problem getting light into a mask like this, without blinding the Divegirl but, we know y'all just love to see their eyes and so ...... This one should specifically appeal to all those of you who love to see scuba masks flooding underwater also !

Here's a video clip set to make a few pulses race ?

No Bathing Cap in this one guys as we don't have to disguise who it is actually diving this rig for real - it is of course our most delectable Mermaid Porchia ! Hi Guys, Because I care greatly about the quality of everything that we bring you, I have to confess that this clip was originally destined for the cutting room floor.

Reason being, that it was shot on a different camera, using an experimental setting that promised much - but that sadly failed to deliver. Have you ever looked at that beautiful girl in the office, or in a store and imagined her underwater and in scuba ?

It's our stunningly beautiful Mermaid Porchia and yet, all you can see of her is a small round circle of her face, plus her hands !

But, as I said earlier, we know this kind of serious diving equipment, being worn by a gorgeous girl, really appeals to many of you.

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Is there another model on the internet so beautiful whilst being so naturally 'at home' under the water. Over six minutes of wonderful underwater action performed by one of the most beautiful and accomplished underwater models on the web, in water as warm and clear as in the famous Weeki Wachee Springs itself ! It has this real cool metal nose pinch mechanism, that you can access from the outside, for equalisation. Ours is brand new, old stock and our simply devine Mermaid Kiki had such great fun modelling it for y'all, even though, like most large masks, it can give an underwater camera person real headaches trying to get light onto that beautiful face, if she isn't looking upwards ! Now as you know, we have never shied away from doing things a little 'out of the norm' here and so, when we came up with the idea of one of our stunning young Aquawomen scuba diving whilst wearing an authentic Japanese Ama divers mask, we really thought it could be one that many of you would enjoy ? I'm so sorry but a recent bout of illness has laid me low for a while, sadly it also meant a postponement of the underwater shoot that we had planned to do a little something special for Easter for y'all, as we usually do.

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