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The comics are sorted by popularity, upload date and title so you can find what you love easily.Be sure to add the Korean keyboard to your mobile device if you choose to search content by title.You’re doing it wrong—or you could at least be doing it Your smartphone could easily become your ultimate ally in learning the Korean language! Playing Korean games, watching Korean movies, reading Korean blogs and listening to K-pop songs are all powerful ways to recreate immersion and teach yourself Korean.And you could be doing any of these things anytime, anywhere with your handy smartphone.Naver, Korea’s most popular search engine, has developed what is arguably the most accurate and comprehensive Korean dictionary around.

Intuitive and easy to use, the app includes all the features you need to have a pleasant reading experience. ) | i OS | Website Price: Free demo account If you’re looking for an entertaining app that lets you truly immerse yourself in Korean language and culture while having fun, you’ll need to download the Fluent U app now!Featuring a wealth of features to learn Korean more efficiently, the app incorporates interactive subtitles to let you learn new words and grammar without having to pause the video and look them up in a dictionary.In addition, each lesson features downloadable transcripts, multimedia flashcards and thorough explanations of the target language you’ve learned in the video.Browse your history to continue reading a volume without searching for it again on the main page, read webtoons offline using the “48-hour temporary save” feature and save interesting content in your favorites. Use this app to learn Korean on the go (or on the couch) using a variety of authentic video and audio clips that are actually watched by Korean natives.What’s more, the app sends you notifications to alert you of new release of your favorite series. After all, learning Korean shouldn’t have to be boring.

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Are you using your smartphone to zap zombies with magical garden plants in your spare time?

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